HeartSafe Designations

HeartSafe Designation

HeartSafe designations can be awarded to any school, municipality, business or organization for their efforts to increase survival rates of out-of-hospital sudden cardiac arrest where you live, work or play.   Through a comprehensive education and certification training, the three HSW designations to be earned are specific as a  Community, Business or Organization.

The basic requirements for HeartSafe Designation are:

  • HS Community: Through full CPR certification courses and hands-only CPR classes, a community needs to attain 10% of its population go through one of these types of CPR training.  Additionally, partnerships with emergency responders and prominent health care facilities is required.  Finally, sufficient knowledge of locations of and access to AEDs in all public locations such as gymnasiums, libraries, schools and high-traffic businesses is required.
  • HS Business:  CPR certification of owners and managers as well as hands-only CPR for employees along with installation of an AED on premise or the business being located within 200 yards of an accessible AED with the location posted prominently.
  • HS Organization:  Similar to the business designation, but having key personnel, board members, directors or coaches certified in CPR with all other volunteers or support staff trained in the hands-only CPR course.
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