About Us

Our Story

Heart Safe Wisconsin was started in Cedarburg, Wisconsin in 2014 by Jeff and Tammy Schoen after their 10-years-old son Grant died of Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA). Grant was an extremely athletic kid with unlimited energy and excelled at several sports. He was usually one of the first to practice and last to leave.  On October 17, 2013 Grant stayed home from school with a low-grade fever.  He laid down for a nap around 2 pm and when his dad checked on him at 4pm, he had already passed.  Grant did not show any signs of any heart conditions and the autopsy could not find a definitive cause of death outside of SCA.  DNA testing is currently not back yet to determine if Grant possible had an gene mutation that are related to Sudden Cardiac Arrest.  Unfortunately only about 30%-40% of the genes that contribute to Sudden Cardiac Arrest have been discovered to date.

(Photo:  Grant Schoen played in his last soccer tournament October 12-13, 2013 in Madison, Wisconsin. He started playing soccer with North Shore United when he was just four years old as it was one of the only sports that he could start at that age. Grant primarily played as a left midfielder and excelled at baseball and wrestling as well.)

Our Mission:

Our mission is to educate our communities about the signs of and proper response to sudden cardiac arrest. Through hands-on training programs covering CPR, AED use and hands-only CPR, we can ensure our communities, businesses and schools are best prepared to respond to the leading cause of death in the country.

Our Goal:

Our goal is simple—to promote our mission through efficient, effective and easy programs to raise public awareness about sudden cardiac arrest.  We will measure our successes by the number of communities, schools, businesses and organizations that embrace our mission and take the initiative to save the next life that sudden cardiac arrest might have taken

Our Initiatives:

  • Identify strategic partnerships in the medical community to develop efficient education and training programs for all ages
  • Attend regional and national conferences focused on heart-related initiatives that will promote awareness of sudden cardiac arrest and expand certification programs in communities and schools
  • Develop a turn-key training program to be introduced to municipalities and emergency responders that can be presented to the community to achieve HeartSafe designations
  • Partner with local service groups (Rotary, Lions, Junior Womens’) to promote the HeartSafe mission and achieve the various HeartSafe designations in their community

2018-2019 Board of Directors:

Mike LaRosa, President
Jeff Schoen, Vice-President
Chad Koehler, Treasurer
Don Levy, Community Development
Kristin Schmidt, Health Care Liaison
Chris Smith, Marketing


Ascension Health is a valuable strategic partner of HeartSafe Wisconsin.